Group Tours

Small groups (up to 24 in number) are always welcome to visit the museum anytime during public hours. Reservations are required at least two weeks in advance of your group's visit.

Small groups who wish to visit after-hours or on non-public days should make reservations at least 3-4 weeks in advance and are subject to a service fee of $4.00 per person.

Large groups (more than 24 whether students or adults) are welcome at the museum, but due to the size of our facility, such groups do present some challenges that need to be addressed before visiting. Reservations for large groups are required one month in advance of visit.

For full-sized buses of 40 - 60 passengers, groups must be divided in half for the comfort and pleasure of your clients/students. Depending on the nature of your group and their interests, special presentations (i.e. orientation/historical videos, musical demonstration, or period craft activity) are provided in the meeting room to half the group while the other half is in the main exhibit gallery. After about one half hour, the groups are switched.

If traveling with more than one bus, a special itinerary is set up to rotate buses at various local attractions and/or with the Municipal Park picnic and playground facilities across the street.

Because of the extra programming and/or staff needed for commercial or non-school groups numbering more than 24, there is a service fee of $4 per person payable at time of visit. (Bus drivers and operators/guides are free.)

School Groups are free but reservations are required so we can arrange for additional personnel during your visit.

No tours are permitted during the annual maintenance/exhibit re-design period from late-November through late-March of each year.